Player Commitment

Participation on a Devils Lacrosse Club requires enthusiasm, focus, and 100% effort.

We expect that if you want to play on a team, you will attend all practices and games in their entirety.  In fairness to those players who do attend all practices and games, players who miss practices or games without good reason (academics, religion, family, or health) may lose playing time or their position on the team.

If you want to play on a Devils Lacrosse Club team and you also play another spring sport, we expect that you will make lacrosse your PRIORITY sport this spring. Our expectation, on behalf of all boys and girls who want to play, is that you will attend all lacrosse events, even if there is a scheduling conflict with your other sport.

Players who need to be excused from a practice or game must email or call their coach prior to the practice or game they will miss.

Registration in Devils Lacrosse Club programs are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Enrollment at each age group is limited to ensure that Devils Lacrosse Club maintains the high quality programs it has always provided.